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So after many months of writing, recording, and exploring, I finally pulled together a set of tracks that best represented where I was emotionally, and musically over that time period. I have so much respect for the independent artists out here who are forging their brand on their own. This is hard work.

So, my tip/ topic for the week is the patch bay. I recently took about a month off to re-configure my studio and hone my craft as an audio engineer. I had to completely remove every instrument and plan the layout. I installed a 48-point patch bay and learned to solder my own audio cables at the exact length needed. The patch bay adds so much flexibility to a set up with lots of keyboards and outboard gear. Ever wanted to run a synth through some guitar pedals, or send the output of an analog synth with only a LPF through a digital synth with a HPF? Well the patch bay makes all of that possible without going behind the desk! The only thing to pay attention to is signal level (mic, instrument, an line level). A few passive re-amp boxes will do the trick.


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